Current Studies

Qualified study volunteers will receive study drug & related testing at no cost. Compensation may be received for time and travel.

Please contact us for more information on all of our currently enrolling research studies shown below or learn about others that may not listed on our site.

No insurance is required to participate in a Clinical Research Study.

A parent or legal guardian must call for anyone under the age of 18 years.

Future Clinical Research Studies

Our Current Studies are updated on a regular basis. New studies are added frequently. Please check back.

Chronic Cough

930_Chronic Cough Research Study for Adults
939_Chronic Cough Research Study for Adults

Multiple Migraine Headache Research Studies currently enrolling

948/949_Migraine Headache Research Study for Children
938_Migraine Research Study for Children & Adolescents
925/926_Migraine Headache Research Study for Adults
905_Migraine Headache Research Study for Adults

DO YOU HAVE ALLERGIES? If you have allergies, or think you may have allergies, call 612-333-2200 x 5, to see if you qualify for a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION allergy skin test. Based upon results of the skin test there may be opportunities available for possible participation in allergy research studies.

Sorry, no studies are currently available for this area.


947/953_Asthma Research Study for Children
944/945_Asthma Study for Adolescents and Adults
942/943_Asthma Research Study for Adolescents and Adults
915_Asthma Research Study for Adults
909_Asthma Research Study for Adults
Atopic Dermatitis

888_Atopic Dermatitis Study for Adolescents
Food Allergy

918_Peanut Allergy Study for Children
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

937_COPD Research Study
929_COPD Research Study