Lyme Disease Vaccine for Adults age 18 to 70

Moderna Lyme Disease Vaccine

Research Study


With protective steps that aren’t completely effective, Lyme disease is calling for a new solution.

The Canopy Trial is evaluating two investigational vaccines to see if we can potentially prevent Lyme disease and worry less about ticks.

This clinical trial is looking for adult participants. To join, you must be:

  • Age18 through 70 years of age
  • In good health
  • Not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant for at least 3 months following the final vaccine visit

Prior to enrolling in this clinical trial, you cannot have:

  • Chronic illness related to Lyme disease or an active Lyme disease infection
  • Received treatment for Lyme disease within 3 months
  • Had a previous vaccine against Lyme disease
  • Had a tick bite within 4 weeks


Qualified participants will receive payment for their trial-related time and travel.